What to do when I want to use more than 40 pages?

Do you want to reuse more than 40 pages or more than 20% of a work? This type of reuse is not included in the Easy Access agreement 2023 (WO). You therefore have to request permission from the copyright owner. This can easily be done via the UvO portal. You will immediately receive permission or UvO will facilitate the request for you.

How and whether you get permission depends on the application and the publisher. Roughly speaking, UvO distinguishes three categories:


1) 25% to 33% of the work: (probably) direct consent

You will receive immediate permission if the publisher has mandated Stichting UvO. You will be notified immediately via the portal.


2) 33% to 50% of the work: UvO will issue the permission request for you

UvO mediates with the publisher to obtain permission. Some publishers have mandated the (re)use of 33% of a work, others up to 50% of a work. That is why in some cases we have to contact the publisher.

NB: Is the book withdrawn from sale? In that case, you will often receive immediate permission.


3) 50% or more: UvO inquires with the publisher

Most publishers want to assess large acquisitions (> 50%) individually. UvO therefore puts out the request for permission for you and mediates in the request. There is a chance that your application will be rejected.

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