Easy Access agreement 2023 (FAQ in English) https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English nl What is the Easy Access agreement 2023 (WO)? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/What-is-the-Easy-Access-agreement-2023-WO <p>The Easy Access agreement 2023 for universities (WO) is a buyout scheme that Stichting UvO has closed with the Universities of the Netherlands (<em>Universiteiten van Nederland</em>, UNL). In total 14 Dutch universities will pay each year for the &lsquo;reuse&rsquo; of published work (articles, .. Which universities participate? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/Which-universities-participate <p>Universities affiliated with the Universities of the Netherlands (<em>Universiteiten van Nederland</em>, UNL) participate in the Easy Access agreement 2023 (WO). This is a total of 14 government-funded Dutch institutions:</p> <p>Delft University of Technology</p> <p>Eindhoven University of .. To whom does the agreement apply? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/To-whom-does-the-agreement-apply_2 <p>The Easy Access agreement 2023 (WO) concerns all students who follow courses at your university. It is crucial that the publications are used for educational purposes. The agreement does not allow any uses, disclosure or reproduction outside of an educational context.</p> <p><strong>Please .. How many pages may I use? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/How-many-pages-may-I-use_2 <p>You may reuse up to 40 pages from a publication, provided this is a maximum of 20% of the original publication.</p> <p><em>For example:</em>&nbsp;From a book of 200 pages you may reuse 40 pages (20% of the original work) and distribute this among your students. This &lsquo;reuse&rsquo; has been .. What to do when I want to use more than 40 pages? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/What-to-do-when-I-want-to-use-more-than-40-pages <p>Do you want to reuse more than 40 pages or more than 20% of a work? This type of reuse is not included in the Easy Access agreement 2023 (WO). You therefore have to request permission from the copyright owner. This can easily be done via the <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a .. How many images may I use? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/How-many-images-may-I-use_2 <p>Academic educational staff are not limited in how many images they may use in presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). Yet, there are two conditions:</p> <p>- A total maximum of 25 images from one work (e.g. a book);</p> <p>- A total maximum of 10 works from the same creator.</p> <p>If you .. How much sheet music and poetry may I use? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/How-much-sheet-music-and-poetry-may-I-use_2 <p>Through the Easy Access agreement 2023 (WO) you are also allowed to distribute sheet music and poetry to your students. The same conditions apply: you may use a maximum of 40 pages from a publication, provided that this no more than 20% of the original publication. The number of pages is what .. What counts as a ‘publication’ when I use an article/paper from a journal? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/What-counts-as-a-publication-when-I-use-an-articlepaper-from-a-journal_2 <p>The issue or edition in which the article or paper appeared.</p> <p>For articles or papers, you may also use up to 40 pages from a publication, provided that this is a maximum of 20% of the original publication. By &lsquo;original publication&rsquo; we mean: the number / issue / edition of the .. What about hardcopy readers / syllabi? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/What-about-hardcopy-readers-syllabi_2 <p>Hardcopy or paper materials are subject to the same conditions. According to the Easy Access agreement 2023 (2023), it is irrelevant how the material is distributed. It is allowed to hand out the material to students through hardcopy readers, but also through electronic learning environments .. Do all educational institutions pay the same fee? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/Do-all-educational-institutions-pay-the-same-fee_2 <p>The individual fee of each university depends on the number of students. Each institution pays &euro; 15,80 (excl. VAT) per calendar year and per student that is registered at their institution on 1 October of the previous calendar year. These numbers are concurred with DUO and the Universities .. Are the Easy Access agreements for HBO and universities the same? https://www.stichting-uvo.nl/nl/Easy-Access-agreement-2023-FAQ-in-English/Are-the-Easy-Access-agreements-for-HBO-and-universities-the-same_2 <p>The Easy Access agreements for HBO and WO are largely the same, but there are a few notable differences:</p> <p>-&nbsp;<strong>Number of pages:</strong>&nbsp;Universities may use a maximum of 40 pages or 20% of a work. Universities of applied sciences (HBO) may use a maximum of 50 pages or 20% ..